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Residential Plumbing

Plumber with knee protection, lying on the floor fixing a residential plumbing job, whilst having several plumbing tools on the floor

A residential plumber works with the plumbing within your home. They look after everything from a leaking tap to sewage lines. They are skilled in all general home repairs, however, have expertise in investigation and diagnosis to make sure they rectify the cause of the issue and not just fix the symptoms. We have outlined some of the main services we provide for our residential clients, although we are able to complete any of your plumbing needs including those not listed here.

Blocked Pipes

The first inclination you might have of a blocked pipe is that your sinks start to drain exceptionally slowly. They continue like this until they completely stop draining, which is generally due to a complete blockage of your pipe. Our team of professionals are able to locate the source of the blockage and clear this for you. They will also take the time to explain to you what the blockage was caused by. Likely causes are building debris, hair, food, fat and other items going into your drainage system that do not belong there. If it was preventable they will be sure to tell you so that you can take caution in future.

Investigation/ Diagnosis

Our team have many years experience in the residential plumbing industry. This means we have seen many common and not so common issues though out our careers. We are always looking to expand out knowledge and put the knowledge we have to good use. If you have a tricky issue that you can’t seem to work out, please call the professionals at Expert Plumber Windsor. Our team of highly skilled trades people will be able to locate and diagnose the issue through their knowledge and equipment on hand.

General Repairs

There is no job that is too small for our team at Expert Plumber Windsor. They are always glad to help out their neighbours with any kind of issues they have and enjoy putting their skills to use. Whether it be a leaking pipe, issues with your hot water system, your pipes have frozen or your toilet is leaking, we are here to help. Any leaks regardless of how small can accumulate quite quickly to a large water bill for you, not to mention the waste of water they cause. If you have a leak, we suggest that you get in contact with us as soon as possible.


If you are looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, you may require relocation or additional installations of plumbing services. Whether it be a simple relocation, you are looking to install a completely new private bathroom in an existing bedroom or want a self-contained granny flat in your back yard, our team would be glad to complete the job for you. Our team of professionals really enjoys completing renovation jobs as it means they get to know their client a little bit better. We are able to provide help and guidance on possibilities if our clients are interested.

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