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Emergency Plumber

Smiling plumber in blue coverall and wearing a hat, explaining to a smiling female client what was wrong with the plumbing in the kitchen

Emergency repair works are generally those that home and business owners are unprepared for, and can cause damage either to their property, to other properties or pose a health risk to those surrounding. This could be in the form of a gas leak, flooding, sewage leaks and bursts or burst pipes. By servicing mostly the area of Windsor, we are ensuring that we have a member on standby at any hour of the day to attend to your emergency plumbing works as soon as possible. Expert Plumber Windsor takes pride in their reliable servicing and ensures that it can have your issue fixed in the shortest possible time frame.

Classification of an Emergency

Whilst we attend to all matters promptly, we need to make sure that we classify your required works as an emergency to be fair to our other clients. In order to do this, we will ask a series of questions when you first contact us to confirm the emergency status and issue an expert immediately. This makes sure that when there are emergency cases, our resources are able to attend to them as soon as possible and reduce the level of damage that can be caused due to the issue.

Sewer Leakage

A sewage leak is potentially one of the worst emergency cases that can occur to your home or business. Not only does it render areas inaccessible, it is also often pungent and can pose health risks to those in the surrounding area. Luckily our team are available on call for whenever disaster strikes. We have the equipment and skills to rectify the issue for you so that you can go back about your day without the drama of a sewage leak in your home, office or other commercial space.

Burst pipes

Even a small burst pipe can cause a significant amount of damage to your property. If you have a burst pipe either within the property or on its grounds, we are able to repair this for you. When our team receive a call, we will give you advice on how to shut off the water supply to that area if possible whilst our team members are on their way. We will get as much information about the bust from you so that we can ensure we have the correct parts available and if not place them on order.


There is never a good time for a flood within your property, but our team at Expert Plumber Windsor are readily available 24/7 whenever disaster strikes. We will be onsite within a short time frame to make sure that we minimise your loss as much as possible. We will locate the source of the flood, remove the water and make sure that the flood cause is rectified. Our team will give advice as to why the flood has occurred, if known, and help you to understand what measures you can take to prevent a similar occurrence. We are here to help when plumbing emergencies occur.

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