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Drain Cleaning and Repair

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Just like everybody else’s homes, everything needs cleaning, even the things that you can’t see. This includes your drains and connected pipes. If grime is left to accumulate in a drainage system, blockages can occur and cause other potential issues. We are here to help you with the cleaning of your drains, which is not easily accessible to the everyday homeowner. Here we have outlined some of the areas that may require your attention and our services. If you have any questions on the information here, please take the time to contact us and discuss.


If your drains are starting to back up, this may be due to a blockage within your pipes. Our team of professionals are fully equipped with the skills and equipment required to clear out your drains. Our aim is to make sure that they are functioning correctly again, and to ensure that the cleaning job is to the highest standards, so that the blockages don’t occur again soon after your service has been completed. We will check that everything is functioning as it should before we finish the job.


Sometimes your pipes and drains may need repairing if they have been damaged. Frequent damages occur due to misuse of the drainage systems, blockages and pressure, as well as tree roots pushing into your underground piping network. Also, you may have had frozen pipes during the winter. Our team are always prepared with the tools required to complete repair works on your drains and pipes, wherever they may be located. We have cameras that we are able to put down drains to work out where the cause of the issue is and to ensure the correct rectification has happened. We will conduct performance tests to ensure that the work has been completed and all associated issues rectified.


If the cause of your drain cleaning or repair work is due to a specific cause, for example a tree root has damaged the pipe, you had frozen pipes during the winter or your toddler has thrown toys down the pipes, we will be sure to advise you. Sometimes the cause of an issue can be related to something we are unaware of and could cause leaking pipes. Furthermore, it could be something we didn’t realise would damage or block our piping network. For example, sanitary products and wet wipes should always be thrown into a bin rather than going into your plumbing system as they can easily cause blockages.


You can help maintain your plumbing systems, drains and pipes by understanding how they work, and what you can and can not put into them. A frequent issue we see is people pouring liquid fats down their kitchen sink when cleaning dishes. Whilst it is a liquid when hot, when it cools down it turns back to a solid and can attach to the pipes connecting to your sink, causing a blockage and potential damage. Our staff members are always happy to speak with our clients and advise them of prevention method they can undertake, to minimise the risk of blocked drains.

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