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Commercial Plumbing

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A commercial plumber works in the commercial sector with businesses and buildings. Our team members are experienced and understand how commercial plumbing differs from residential plumbing. They understand that the set up is different and has equipment that residential homes do not have. This means that when you engage our company for your commercial needs, you can be sure you are in safe hands. Our knowledge of how commercial plumbing systems operate ensure that we truly are the experts in the industry covering a wide range of services available. We have outlined some of these for you below.

General Repairs

It would be a perfect world if our services didn’t require repairs, but regrettably not everything will last forever, and accidents can cause the requirement for repair works. We are able to assist with a range of repair works from leaks, to sewage systems, back-flow pumps, bulk hot water systems and everything in between. Whatever your commercial plumbing needs, out team of highly trained experts will be able to have your issue rectified in a timely manner with good quality finishes and durability. Our trades person will be able to advise you of the cause of the issue if applicable to make sure you can avoid the same issue arising.

Investigations & Diagnosis

Sometimes the issues that occur in commercial spaces aren’t so easy to see. Luckily with Expert Plumber Windsor, we are fully equipped with the knowledge and specialised equipment to be able to locate and repair any plumbing requirements that arise. We have cameras we are able to feed through pipes to locate the cause of the issue to be able to rectify it. Once the repair works are completed, we are able to perform a series of tests to check that there are no other matters contributing to the same issue.

Maintenance Contracts

Being one of the most skilled and knowledgeable plumbing company in Windsor, Ontario, a number of companies have entrusted us with the preventative maintenance of their asset. Whether it be to legal requirements or as a proactive measure to minimise risk of floods or downtime of services, our team are able to assist. We offer different terms for contracts and are willing to negotiate contracts to get the best outcome for both our clients and ourselves. Whether it be regular servicing of your hydraulics, sump pumps or hot water systems, we are able to tailor a contract to suit your commercial needs.

Emergency Works

When plumbing issues occur within a commercial space, they can often cause a disruption to business operations. If there is an issue with a sewer stack or a bust pipe which is causing a flood, please contact us immediately. Let our office team know if an emergency plumber is required and what the issue is. Our team will be onsite promptly to rectify the issue and help you get your doors back open to the public again in no time.

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