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Basement Flooding

Basement being drained with specialised basement flooding equipment

If you have a flood within your basement, we understand that this can cause you to panic. No one wants to have any of their belongings damaged. Fortunately for the residents of Windsor, Expert Plumber Windsor have the skills, ability and equipment to assist with water removal as well as provide with you potential options to prevent the issue from occurring again if possible. We treat the belongings of our clients as if they were our own and take great care in maintaining and saving what is possible while completing basement flooding works for you.


Almost any flooding classes as an emergency as there is the potential for large losses through flood related damages. If you find yourself with a flooded basement, please contact us immediately and advise of your situation and location. We will then send out our first available plumber. Please bear in mind that when flooding occurs, it can often happen in large quantities affecting many homes, and we always remain fair to our clients with scheduling appointments. While we would love to be able to service everyone in Windsor at the same time, we do not have unlimited resources.

Water Removal

After you have made the call and our trades people are onsite, they will start working on the removal of the water from your basement. At Expert Plumber Windsor our teams are fully equipped with all of the equipment required to pump the water out of your basement for complete removal of water. Although this will likely not save all your belongings, it will prevent further damages and help to mitigate your loss.


When our trades people arrive onsite, we will communicate with you directly to establish if there are any great areas of concern or priorities to be aware of. We believe that communication is key in situations such as these and will ask questions of you, as well as keep you informed of any updates throughout the procedure. Our team will set up the relevant equipment to remove the water from your basement and assess the area. If there is still water flooding into your basement we will take interim measures to stop this while we clear the water and then consider longer term alternatives with you.


When basement flooding restoration works have been completed, our team of trades people will work to assess the cause of the flood and what measures can be put in place to prevent the same occurring in the future. It could be additional drainage points are required, or a pump installed to pump any water out back up to the main drains on the street. Our team will be sure to carefully assess the potential risk of recurrence and provide you with some potential solutions to consider. Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have about additional installations and suggestions we may have to make sure that you are able to make an informed decision.

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