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About Our Team

Male plumber with a black cap holding a toolbox on his shoulders whilst smiling at the camera

We are a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about plumbing and servicing our friends and neighbours in the area of Windsor, Ontario. Our dedication and attention to detail has seen our company expand as we became industry leaders in the area.

Our wealth of knowledge sets us above the competition, as well as our dedication to quality works. We would much rather have the manpower to properly service our clients rather than be in the business of quick tasks, churning and burning clients. We can assure that your experience with us will be pleasant, and you will see why our clients return to us time and time again.

The experience and knowledge we have ensures we are able to service a range of different clients from domestic homes to large businesses. The attention to detail we have and care for our work is what helps us retain our clients. We have a series of in-house rules and regulations which all of or staff and contractors meet, as well as skills testing activities to make sure our knowledge is shared across all staff.

We are a very friendly and inclusive company and you can see that we really care about our clients. Each of our clients gets serviced as if each contractor was servicing their own grandparents’ homes, so you can be sure you will have good workmanship with the task being completed. All of our work comes with our quality guarantee.

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