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Plumbers in Windsor

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If you find the need for a plumber in Windsor, we are the right people for the job. We are experienced in a range of areas in plumbing, so much so that we have earned the name of the area experts. Our focus is on customer service and we are sure to impress our clients with our extensive knowledge of plumbing systems. Whatever your plumbing needs are, you have found the expert plumbers in Windsor Ontario.

About Us

We understood the area requirements for a good quality reliable plumbing company and had the skills to be able to provide this service to our friends in the area. As such, our Windsor plumbing company was born. We started out as a small company but as the demand grew, so did our team. We are now fully equipped with a team of qualified residential and commercial plumbers who are brilliant at what they do. Our business model is to mainly service the area of Windsor, Ontario so that we can focus our energy on the quality of our work instead of the quantity, as well as being readily available when we are needed.

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    Our Services

    Expert Plumber Windsor provide a wide range of plumbing services ranging from residential to commercial. We service leaking pipes right through to new plumbing installations and everything in between. We have summarised our services below and have a dedicated page for each with more detail for your reference. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for here, please head to our contact page to discuss your needs with our friendly office team.

    Male plumber on his knees gluing a toilet to the floor during a residential plumbing job

    Residential Plumbing

    We cover a range of Windsor plumbing services for our residential clients. Some of the more common issues we are called to attend to are leaking toilets, burst garden pipes, frozen pipes, water heaters and assistance in renovations. Whether it is problems with blocked pipes backing up or an issue with your hot water system, our team of experts are here to help with your residential plumbing needs, so that you can get back to your daily life.

    Young male commercial plumber looking at the camera whilst his finished plumbing work is shown in the background

    Commercial Plumbing

    From leaking pipes to issues with your septic systems, our team of qualified professionals are readily available to fix your issues so you can go about business as usual. We service all commercial plumber needs from small businesses through to preventative maintenance contracts with larger companies. We work with wells and sump pumps, water heaters, backwater valve installation, septic systems and repairs as well as provide sewer camera services to identify issues with your plumbing.

    “The plumbers at Expert Plumber Windsor really are fantastic. I called with an emergency leak at my shop and they directed me how to turn the water off until they got there. A plumber was in my shop within half an hour and fixed the leak. Couldn’t have asked for a better service.” - Victoria, Ontario

    Older male plumber, with a blue helmet, coveralls and grey gloves, using a wrench to fix a sink's water supply

    Drain Cleaning & Repair

    If you have sinks in your property backing up and not draining properly you potentially have clogged drains that require cleaning. We are able to provide you with these services in a quick and efficient manner to get your pipes working as they should in no time. We provide repairs to a number of areas related to plumbing and are also able to complete trench-less pipe repairs. Wherever the pipes that need repair are, we are able to service them and fix the issues.

    A junior and senior plumber with white helmets and blue coveralls, repairing emergency leaking pipes

    Emergency Plumber

    If you have ever had an experience with a burst, not just a leak, you will understand the need for an emergency plumbing service. Luckily our plumbers in Windsor provide just that service. As we are working mainly in Windsor, we ensure that we have a team member who is able to attend emergency plumbing works at whatever time they are needed. If you have damaged sewer lines or had an internal pipe bust, you will need to get an emergency plumber out as soon as possible to help mitigate damages to your property.

    “I had an issue with my pipes backing up and couldn’t work out what the issue was. I called Expert Plumber Windsor and they were able to diagnose and fix the issue much quicker than anticipated. Turns out it was frozen pipes. Thanks guys.” - Teddy, Ontario

    Equipment being used to inspect and repair a basement flooding

    Basement Flooding

    It is unfortunate but a reality that we can have a flood in our basement, which can cause large damages depending on what is stored in there. Our team of basement flooding experts are skilled and experienced in dealing with these kinds of issues and will help to relieve you of the stress associated. We have the right people and equipment to get the job completed for you in a quick and thorough manner so that you can have a clear basement again.

    Older male plumber with a blue helmet and coveralls measuring pipes during a plumbing inspection

    Plumbing Inspections

    Plumbing inspections are a fantastic preventative measure to ensure that you don’t have any unexpected floods or bursts. Our team of skilled professionals have the ability to carry out plumbing inspections and perform tests on your plumbing systems to check their integrity. This can help put your mind at ease and prevent large damages if advance warning signs are shown in the inspection. We are also able to provide you with the relevant repair works if they are found to be required.

    “A gentleman came out and fixed my leaking toilet. I know it wasn’t a big issue to fix, but their friendliness and helpful explanations really made them stand out to me. I would definitely recommend them.” - Danielle, Ontario

    Call Us Today

    After reading through the services we provide and establishing that we are the correct company for your task, whether it is residential or commercial plumbing, we will be readily waiting for your call. Our friendly office team are ready to get details from you and schedule in whatever works you have to be completed or send a plumber over immediately if there are emergency works that need to be completed. We are sure you will be pleased with the service we provide you and are always happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

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